As life would have it we meet here

When we really owed us more

I have a problem with running

I thought love was what I was chasing

You know I had these problems though

I had many roots to pull

You felt compelled to meet me

Until my darkness became too heavy

I did understand the retract

It was a warranted react

But my body was not my own

I wish you could see how all was lost on me

I realized our root was hollow

That was a hard pill to swallow

A body beside mine didn’t know me

A body beside mine didn’t want me

This ability to disconnect is a power

And those at risk aren’t privy to the hour

I’ll never forget Valentine’s Day

When you told me you didn’t want to stay

I hoped for a phase instead unearthed your truth

You were always just running too

Unfortunately you’re not tired yet

Your trauma fuels your gains without regret

This one stumped me though

How did I get here with you?

Oh shit…that’s it

This has brought me back to my youth

It’s him again

Looming in unannounced

Alone to face my own accountability

The man I ushered into my life was my own damn daddy

I just want to get my thoughts off.